SCORE PORTUGAL, is a craft manufacturing and distribution company, selling raw materials for Decorative Arts and stationery, and manufacturing 100% Portuguese Crafts for traditional commerce.

Our customer can place their order online, telephone, email and through our sales representative. When placing your order, you accept in full and complete the general sales conditions, prices and presentation and description of the products.

The order is processed immediately and you will receive a notification by phone, message or email letting you know that your order is ready, and you will be informed of the payment method and delivery date of your order.

Orders are subject to payment of shipping costs, through our sales team or external services.

Full access should only be made available after meeting all agreed commercial conditions for retail. You can view all the photos and descriptions of our items, where we are always creating and growing, allowing us to respond to requests from the most diverse areas, from art stores, jewelry, fabrics, crafts, stationery stores, knitting stores, decoration stores, events, florists among others.

If you wish to become a END-USER, you can make your purchases at

VAT is not included, it will be applied to the total order.

Prices and specifics are subject to change without notice.

We accept the exchange or return of an item only if it is defective within a period of 8 (eight) days, counting from the date of delivery.

Your complaint must be communicated via telephone, e-mail or fax. The item(s) to be returned will be collected by our entity.